Video SEO FAQs

10 Reasons Why a Video is Good for Your Business

  1. Cool Factor Having a video nowadays is like wearing sunglasses and a leather jacket while pulling a comb through your hair and lighting a cigarette back in the 50's. Videos are just cool and make you look good overall.
  2. Social Media- Having a video gives you a leg up on social networks by giving you the ability to use social media to it's full potential. You can direct more traffic to your business's website by posting a link to the video on your status updates and accounts.
  3. Different Approach- A video sets you apart from other companies. Not everyone has the foresight to create a video to market themselves. Even though there are other companies' videos out there, you will always have the ability to be creative and different with your video.
  4. Informative - A great way to make information more easily absorbent and interesting is through video. Not many people want to take the time to sit and read through a bunch of information on the web. After a while, it can get old and you risk losing the interest of the reader.
  5. Entertaining - Nobody wants to be bored. Videos can provide entertainment for your customers while still promoting your company. Whether the video leans toward the humorous side or the more informative side, your viewers will appreciate the entertainment and information.
  6. Aura of Authority- A video for your company creates an aura of authority around you. Viewers will be more apt to recognize that you know what you're talking about and have attained the necessary level of experience.
  7. Call to Action- When viewers can see you in action, they obtain a better sense of how your company works and what it can do for them. It's kind of like being able to test drive a car before you make the big decision to buy it.
  8. Quality Assumed- A quality video demonstrates the level of commitment your company has to provide quality work and service. A quality video can give your business that personal touch.
  9. Legitimacy- It's important for your customers to see that your business is serious and relevant. A video can aid in proving to customers that you in fact have a substantial and purposeful business. It's the real deal!
  10. Branding and Image- A video gives your company a face and creates a perspective which provides a more tangible experience for your customer. In addition, many people build better trust and understanding if they have a visual to assist them.

10 Facts About Video and SEO

  1. Online Videos = 100% FREE MARKETING
    At least 20 websites can promote your video free of charge.
  2. Your Video Provides Benefits Even If No-One Watches It!
    Videos are the latest way to get ahead of your competitors in search engines. Just the presence of an online video can significantly raise your website in search engine results. Google owns YouTube! Google wants more videos on YouTube.  Research shows that if you have a video online, then chances of finding your website on PAGE 1 OF GOOGLE increases around 50 times.
  3. All Businesses are Destined to Have an Online Video
    Over 90% of the world's biggest companies already have videos online and most have a YouTube Strategy. Internet experts are predicting that over 90% of all small businesses (right down to the one-person businesses) will have a video online within 3 to 5 years because it is a cost-effective tool to market FREE online. The trend for video is destined to follow the trend for websites. Remember in 2000, when most businesses did not have a website but were thinking about one – we are currently in the same boat for video. VIDEO IS GOING TO BOOM - JUST WAIT AND SEE!
  4. Video Makes You Stand Out From Competitors
  5. Video-Sharing Sites are Everywhere
    There are at least 250 websites, which allows sharing and viewing videos. Most of these are free.
  6. YouTube is Already the World's 2nd Biggest Search Engine
  7. Videos are "STICKY"
    It has proven that people "stick around" to watch a video, whereas other print mediums may attract just a glance.
  8. Videos Provide an Enhanced Experience for Your Customers
    Moving images stick better than words or pictures. Moving images stick in the mind longer. They say a picture is worth a thousand words - could it be possible that a video is worth millions?
    Videos set off emotional triggers not achieved through other mediums. Remember, the last time you last went to the movies? Moving images can make you laugh, cry, and even CHOOSE TO BUY!
  10. Your Competitors are Almost Certainly Considering It
    Video is on everyone’s lips nowadays, just like the phrase “web sites” were on the lips of business people at the turn of the century. Will video take off? The fact is that 95% of the world’s top businesses have a YouTube Strategy and at least one video online should give you an inkling.