What Does a Baby Star and Website Design Have in Common?

fbsideMar2012WebsitesGiveBack has been in business just about 4 years now. It’s been an interesting road and one that continues to have many twists and turns. When our other business, a publishing company – publishers of Nana Star & Friends, abruptly came to a halt in 2009, we had to start over … literally. This time however, there was no start-up money, seed money or savings to help the transition. We had to take what we had, which was a computer, a telephone and our skills and make something of it. Having a publishing company taught us a lot about marketing, sales and yes, website design. You could have paid me a lot of money however and never would I have believed today we would have a website company – let alone one that has sustained 4 years and counting. The biggest misconception starting another business was that it would be easy because “heck I’ve done this before; I started from scratch!” Ah … but this … THIS was a whole new ballgame with new rules, new everything. Whew! It’s been quite the journey. There’s a lot to explore and write about here; however, what lead me to write this post and what I want to focus on,  is one key thing … PASSION.


I was passionate (insanely so) about writing children’s books, creating toys and having a powerful, positive message for children and that passion definitely fueled me. I’ve been in sales all my life and everything from cosmetics – to encyclopedias (I hear the laughter Winking smile) – to security alarms – to children’s books and now to websites, I’ve ALWAYS passionately believed in! They say a good salesperson “can sell anything”. I disagree. If you’re selling something you don’t believe in, that you’re not passionate about, then I think that just makes you slick and disconnected. There’s a definite amount of conscience that applies in sales.

A question examined was, “How could we transition our passion for Nana Star to passion for websites?” It’s not so much passion for actual websites, as it is passion to help small businesses. We offer something no one else does at a very affordable cost. We’re not trying to bleed small business or take them for what we can get. We absolutely know the struggles small business face today and in this economy. WGB is trying to help them get a necessary and vital presence on the internet, giving them the most value and quality at a nominal cost. We don’t throw something together and call it a day. We care about each client, each business, and it shows. We may build websites; however, our greater creation is building relationships.

Often I reflect on the journey of the last 10 years that have been shared with both Nana Star and WebsitesGiveBack. I reflect on all the lessons learned and who I’ve become as a person in the process. One thing that remains the same, my passion to help others … in some form. I truly want the best for everyone and if I can play a role in that, then that is my happiness; I’m fulfilling my passion, my purpose. So what this moment holds is helping small businesses in a small, yet significant way – and  we hope that it churns out great things for them. It’s a win-win because it helps us too and we’re grateful to have sustained and grown these past 4 years.

Yes, gears have shifted and things have changed (greatly); however passion remains the same. Today it’s passion for websites and the small businesses we serve. And for fans of Nana Star, our hearts remain passionate for her; she’s just resting now Winking smile.) One thing held close is that there’s never a shortage of passion! I hope that holds true for your journey both in work and everyday life too!

“… life is grand, take my hand …”


To be successful, the first thing to do is fall in love with your work.
 – Sister Mary Lauretta

Signature Elean

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