Today We Eat Steak!

I Feel Like a Steak!

Yes today,  I feel like a steak. No, I don’t actually feel like a steak, but I’d like to eat one! OK, so today I’d like to eat a steak! Gosh, I need to explain. I live in rather a small town and if something new pops up, well, everyone wants to know about it and I’m no exception. Recently, in the local paper was a full page color ad for a new restaurant, Joe’s Steakhouse. Wow! Now I do recall a place being renovated on my weekend jaunts to feed lonely horses with my sweet one and it’s but a country mile from my home … who knew! I had to check to see if they had a website (if not, I’d be all over it of course) and they do and it’s nice and welcoming. I think I’m going to like Joe’s.

No, I Don’t Know Them and I’m Not Looking for a Free Meal.

Now I swear these people don’t have a clue  I even exist and I’m not plugging them for a free meal. I can’t give a food review and why would anyone care because most who would read this are quite a good distance. (I don’t think Front Royal is on anyone’s bucket list. Too bad for them.) The only review I can give is what the inside looks like (from their website) and well … its “steakhouse-ish”. It’s a definite goal on my list; a future reward. The point to all this is, I love a good story and every small business has one. I love Joe’s story … it’s short, sweet, and it’s inspiring. I won’t spoil it you’ll have to read it.


Work Smarter, Not Harder.

WebsitesGiveBack has recently decided to make some significant changes. Some hard lessons learned – the biggest being “work smarter, not harder”. We’ve spent the last two years working extremely hard and that journey has led us to this chapter. We’ve been strictly a website design company and now we have added videos to use for websites, social media and various marketing. They’re made to inform, educate and entertain the businesses they feature. We’re pretty excited and today is the first page in this new chapter. Today we eat steak! 

Today like all others, is an opportunity

to new start

to change things

to make things right

to end bad habits

to make new goals

to forgive and to forget

to love again

to say your sorry and make amends

to tear down and to rebuild

to add on

and take away

it’s my opportunity – it’s your opportunity

What If I’m a Vegetarian?

I know, I know … Jack is going to ask, “What if you’re a vegetarian?” and Bill will say something along the lines of, “What kind of steak?” or “What if I want a hamburger instead?” Ah, but were talkin’ Mr. Dorman and anything with food, he’s in!  But getting back … don’t be afraid to change directions or take a flying leap (in a good way!).  Be forgiving of yourself and know that whatever it is you do today, it’s the past – your journey filled with all the ups and downs and twist and turns that brought you to this very moment  and that’s a good thing! Always … be courageous!

Today we eat steak!

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” -Andre Gide


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16 Responses to Today We Eat Steak!

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  5. Hajra says:

    Hey Elena,

    Long time!

    Yes, I am waiting for Bill’s response! But then, I love steak and I ain’t vegetarians and I like mine spicy; we Indians just like spice everywhere!

    So, yes bring it on; we are going to eat steak! :)
    Hajra recently posted..Will they call you over for a Bloggers Party?

    • Ha, ha Hajra, do we know it or what! ;) I’m all about spice too friend! Whoo hoo! So, today steak AND spice! Twice as nice … just like you! :) I swear it’s like you’re right in the room when you post … that’s a big gift you have there missy!

      Hope you’re super well! I’m off my hiatus … I think. ;)

      Blue skies,


  6. Nah, I am a good carnivore. Steak always works for me.
    Jack@TheJackB recently posted..How To Write a Post That People Will Read

    • I thought surely you would have played devil’s advocate! :) Alas, you give me hope Jack … you like steak!! YAY!!! I’m so happy! You’re goodness continues.

      Thanks for stopping by you incredibly busy man you!!



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  8. Barbara says:

    Cara Elena, what a lovely post, it reminds me of a lovely white wine made of Viognier grapes, elegant and full bodied with a lovely aroma lingering for some time afterwards and making you want some more.

    Love your slogan “work smarter, not harder”, could use some as well!

    Good luck with the new baby VIDEOS!
    Barbara recently posted..Time to Say Goodbye

    • Oh Barbara, you make me long for a good glass of faboo wine right now!! What a description … I picture the wine and you perfectly!

      Now, how are you holding up?! Very well I hope! I think of you quite often and your strength! Remember, I’m here if you need to compare notes. ;)

      Thank you for the well wishes -very sweet … I fill you in.

      So nice to see you here today!

      Cheers to good wine, steak and friends,


  9. Steak…yum!

    And I love your Today/Opportunity list. This is a marvellous manifesto. I shall post it and share it! Cheers! Kaarina
    Kaarina Dillabough recently posted..What’s your Business Reaction Time?

    • Ha, ha … is that a manifesto? This is where you learn how basically clueless I am, shhh …

      You’re a good woman and good friend … you bless me! Thank you!

      With a full heart,


  10. Bill Dorman says:

    0+ is my blood type; I’m pre-wired to be a carnivore and yes, I love a good steak. One of my customers sends me 10 fillets from Colorado every year at Christmas and It’s one of the few times we have steak in the house because my wife is almost a vegetarian so I make sure I get my burgers, steaks, chicken, ribs, etc when I’m out.

    Yes, sometimes you have to know when to hold them and know when to fold them as the country song says. You just pray you have the wisdom to do it at the right time.

    I shared this story w/ Jens and maybe you will find something in it. I heard Anne Beiler speak and she truly was a success story. She started her business w/out a business plan, under educated and woefully underfunded, but she didn’t let any of that hold her back. Here is her story if you are interested:

    Good luck in your new direction; hope you have been well.

    I’m watching that new TV BTW…………:)
    Bill Dorman recently posted..Sucking sand; when the well runs dry

    • Nice customer!! Is everyone under your spell? Like I said, rub the screen!! Your wife is a better person than I am … I don’t believe we’re made to be vegetarians, but heck they’d argue otherwise. ;)

      You quote a country music line?! Score!! Dear heavens Mr. Dorman, you’re the man!! You’re correct though and I do a lot of praying for that wisdom. ;)

      I’m going to check out the article you placed … thank you!

      Thank you as well for stopping by and your well wishes – I’m always so grateful to you!

      Have a fabulous day!! Glad to know you’re enjoying your TV … brat!! ;)



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