On the Shoulders of Giants in Business and Blogging II.

Those we admire, who inspire!

This is the second post in an ongoing series that I wish to share with readers with my list of favorites (favorite mentors – in business, blogging, and philanthropy) a.k.a. “giants”. Every day someone new and wonderful comes into the picture and the list keeps growing larger, which I love! It’s such a gift to be able to share a little bit of them with others. See my inaugural post: On the Shoulders of Giants in Blogging & Business  first to read about the initial round of fabulous people you should definitely get to know!

Twice a month I will do a post where I introduce, honor, celebrate, gush over, lift up and/or brag about someone or something that you’ll hopefully check out and find a good reason to do the same! Smile

My personal disclaimer: None of these people know me outside of me commenting on their posts perhaps, my audience in minute compared to theirs and they probably don’t care too much that I care about them. It’s just a privilege for me to know of them and share.

So this is my continuation of the giants I admire who inspire! Enjoy!

Remarkable Remarkablogger!

Who: Michael Martine

Blog/Business: RemarkabloggerBoost Your Bottom Line with a Blog

Held in high regard: Life happily led me to Michael’s awesome blog and I’ve been hooked since! Smile Michael’s been blogging a lot longer than most (since 1999), so he’s really in the position to guide you in the blogosphere and help you out. He helps people like you and me make more sales and get more customers with blogging, social media, and Blog SEO. Michael does this by offering wickedly faboo free content, through paid blog consulting services and information products like training programs and eBooks. Ahh… speaking of eBooks!!  You must, must get Michael’s latest eBook, How to Write an Ebook that Doesn’t Suck for the “unsucky” (his words, not mine) price of $19.99!  vertebooksuck-244x300Whoo hoo!!  I’m in the process of reading it now and will be sharing my review on Michael’s blog. One thing since getting this, I have decided on exactly what I’m going to write that’s for sure! So … get it, download it and rock on! Michael even has a wild “Keep It Anyway” refund policy that if you think it sucks you can get your money back within 60 days of purchase and keep it?! Winking smile  he, he! So Michael only gets more remarkable in my book (or would the be eBook?!), but wait there’s more … Michael is a witty, catchy writer with a sense of humor and lingo I love. He is also incredibly motivating, kind and courteous. I swear I like more people I’ve met online through blogs and such than I do people I see everyday (maybe that’s the idea ey?!?, hmm…). Michael’s a good man and there’s no doubt you’ll come to respect him as much as me and countless others do!

Check Michael out … “Friend” him on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/#!/michaelmartine – follow him on Twitter @remarkablogger – connect on Linked in.

Soulful Silva

Who: Kenny Silva – Transforming Leadership (like no other!)

Blog/Business: The Silva Group and blog KennySilva.net


A tremendous inspiration:   Kenny is young, dynamic and right on! Kenny also happens to reside in my beloved Nashville, TN!  Kenny is a real estate consultant and in his words, he doesn’t “just sell people houses” he helps “people realize their dreams and build their futures through home ownership.” There’s a genuine sincerity in Kenny that is so captivating that I’m sure he does one heck-of-a business!

Kenny’s blog is  another one of those, I don’t recall how I found him, but am soooo blessed I did! “Blessed” is the word because Kenny isn’t about himself at all … he’s about God and about others and someone like this is rock-solid in my book. Kenny is a great writer and digs deep. Kenny is doing some video blogging that is great as well. You can also work with Kenny whether through business coaching, social media strategic planning, speaking engagements, etc. Read some of Kenny’s posts and you’ll find out how well-rounded he is and I think you’ll be as taken by his thoughtful writing as I am!

Check Kenny out … “Like” him on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/thekennysilva – follow him on Twitter @kennysilva  – connect on Linked in.

A  Blogger’s Beacon





Who: Hesham Zebida, owner and founder of Famous Bloggers

Blog: Famous Bloggers (THE blog for bloggers!)

I’m smitten: Hesham Zebida is one of those people I’d like to meet. I think he’d be very interesting to talk with (but most likely way over my head). I found about Hesham on the very cool site  FamousBloggers, which he happens to be the owner and founder of. What I like about Hesham is he knows how to work it; knows how to connect with his community; and is very courteous and responsive.  I’ve read many posts Hesham has written and his knowledge is boundless. He’s a beacon for newbie and seasoned bloggers. If you want to learn anything and everything about the world of blogging then definitely visit FamousBloggers. If you want to take lessons from Hesham on how to be incredibly decent in the social media world and want to find about his rockin’ Thesis themes for your blog, then check him out and follow him!  He’s introducing the new Silver Skin for Thesis themes and it looks so incredibly cool that I may not resist!  I’m excited for him and wish him the grandiose success he’s incredibly worthy of!

Check Hesham out … “Friend” him on Facebook – follow him on Twitter @hishaman – connect on Linked in.

One in a Million

Who: Tia Jackson-Harley

Business: One Million Entrepreneurs – Dreamers. Doers. Unite. / Chief Brand Strategist at The BrandMakers – The Small Business Resource for Urban Entrepreneurs.

Tremendous respect for: One Million Entrepreneurs is a growing network of business owners united by passion, innovation and drive. They feature inspiring profiles and daily discussions to help entrepreneurs navigate their way forward. I think this is a fabulous site and offers a tremendous amount. (I’ve been fortunate to even be one of their features, which I’m totally grateful for.) I look very forward to how this site and “movement” grows. Anything that support entrepreneurs and small business should be shouted from the mountaintop for sure! By uniting together, we’ll get America back on her feet!

Check One Million Entrepreneurs out … “Like” them on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/#!/OneMillionEntrepreneurs – follow them on Twitter @OneMillionEnt.

TiaTake note of Tia! Tia is the Chief Brand Strategist at The BrandMakers and I’m betting she brings everything to a whole new level! Tia’s style and the way she presents herself to others is simply beautiful (and I’m not just talking physically!). Tia is made up of the good stuff and does good things!

Check Tia out … “Friend her on Facebook – follow her on Twitter @TiaJackson & & @BrandMakersNews – connect on Linked in.

Whew … this is it and I’m thrilled to share this with you! Hoping you get something from each one and be sure to share them with others too! clip_image002[10]  Please sign up for post alerts or check back to see the next round of awesomeness we’ll share! And please, please let us know who or what you think should make this list too – we’d love to check them out and boast about them.

There are countless ways of attaining greatness, but any road to reaching one’s maximum potential must be built on a bedrock of respect for the individual, a commitment to excellence, and a rejection of mediocrity. -Buck Rodgers


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