Now is Not the Time …

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Now is not the time for small businesses to cut their advertising budget.  Perhaps rearrange where to place your advertising dollars is far more efficient.  If your business is paying top dollar for a Yellow Pages ad whether online or in print and you don’t have a website; it’s a very poor choice of where your placing your money.  Competition in any business is fierce and to not have an online presence that has your doors “open” 24 hours a day is just bad business bottom line.

Be keenly aware and note that you’re not throwing away your money; however, don’t stop marketing or advertising completely. Sustaining while in this unique economy is top priority; yet it is also key to understand how not cutting back entirely on your advertising will reap great rewards as the economy shifts to a more positive state. You’ll have the upper hand on your competition. 

Understanding how the economy is impacting consumers; keep in mind they are looking for secure, strong businesses to buy from, shop with and call on for needed services.  There is a legitimacy factor in play and if you have a professional website, you portray that you are doing well and there for your customers – and everyone like a winner

It’s not be the time to cut out your advertising budget; however it IS the time to get your website at an unbelievable value, all while giving to others too!

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