How Do We Love Thee …


We love our     love   our families. We love our friends. We love our country. We love our communities. We love fellow dreamers and entrepreneurs who travel the same road and “get” it. We love those we’ve met through social media who inspire us and make us feel like we’ve met in person and known forever. We love small businesses that make America strong and proud. We love those who work for a cause and giving back is just what they’re made of. We love charities with mission and heart. We love each one of our customers and all we learn from them. We love our work and what we do and what we’re aiming for. We love our lives and the gifts and graces that have been bestowed us. We love much and are thankful for all!

Happy Valentine’s Day!







P.S. – Happy Birthday to my sweet Eve, who’s 5 years old today!

I claim there ain’t
Another Saint
As great as Valentine.
~Ogden Nash

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  3. Love indeed makes the world go round. Loved the picture. :)

  4. :)!
    Elena Patrice recently posted..Word of the Week | Transparency.

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