Do Nothing Half-Adz.

half assed

The term “half-assed” has an interesting history that’s rather amusing. “Half-assed” originated from “half-adz.” An adz is a tool with a curved, axe-type blade used for shaping wood. If you were wealthy and wanted a new fireplace, the mantle could be shaped using an adz to finish both the front and back. However, the back of the mantle isn’t visible. If you wanted to save money you could have only the front of the mantle shaped and leave the back as the rough, unfinished wood. Since there was less labor, this cheaper job was a “half-adz” job. This “half-adz” woodworking term has evolved into today’s “half-assed”, and now means minimal effort was expended to accomplish the task. Who knew? We’re all the better for knowing that eh?!

Do nothing half-assed, half-adz, half-way, half-arsed (for my British friends), half-whatever! Another one of my favorites, is the reference to being “not hot or cold, but being lukewarm” (Rev. 3:16).  Blah! Yucky! Phooey! To not live lukewarm is how I try very much to live my life. (It also comes with a slightly manic personality like mine (yes, I know, it explains a lot)). And for me that isn’t confined to one aspect of life, it’s across-the-board.

Over the last several months I went cold or completely “half-adz” cold on what we were trying to do in business; what the goal was and what I was seeking to accomplish. Since for me, it’s all or nothing – I’m either in or out, I had to step out for awhile and reassess; to temper. It’s a painful realization to know that you cannot be all things to all people or have too full of a plate. Something suffers and the plate spills over making quite a mess. My method is to retreat and peel back the layers. So that’s what I’ve done, that’s what we’ve done. For several months we reevaluated the website design aspect to our business (WebsitesGiveBack) and realized that adding video was a wise choice to implement in what we already offer small business. So we shifted our focus and jumped in learning more about the video market in addition to the smart website designs we offer. It’s actually working out quite well and has attracted more website business our way as well.

With reevaluation of our business, came changes to the purpose of this blog as well. We all know the importance of having a blog and for small business, especially one like ours, it’s a must. I want to be upfront and say that’s what I’m going to make the focus of this going forward … our business.  I’ll be doing a mix up. Part of the mix will be showcasing our videos and sharing information about the companies behind them, as it benefits both us and the business. The other portion will be me throwing in my two cents worth about our small business experience ; much like before, just my own thoughts and opinions (be on the lookout Winking smile) about this journey we’re on as small business owners.

We talk to literally hundreds of businesses a month in various fields. With that comes a lot of insight, a pulse if you will, on the direction of the winds of economy and business. We’re talking to the truly small business person who has a great deal at stake and puts a lot into their business and livelihood. We have a large heart for every single one that we have the privilege of talking with holding  hope of helping them in some way achieve a goal, better their business, increase revenues, etc.

For the wonderful souls I’ve met since I started blogging whom have been ultra kind and supportive and some who even wondered where I went, I’m humbly grateful to you. As well, I won’t take offense at all if you choose to unsubscribe  – this may be a bit dry and yes, I’m focusing on getting business too. I do sincerely hope though that we continue to offer something of value in the way of small business and a little bit of every day life.

Happy New Year! I pray 2013 is an amazing, worthy year for everyone!

Because you can’t do anything halfway, you’ve got to go all the way in anything you do. Jerry Bruckheimer


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